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Handle This

Janelle grew up with a love of music and words. Her mother is a renowned singer and actress, and her father is a local politician, recognized for his ability to deliver stirring speeches. However, when it came to showcasing her talents, she is more like her stepfather, a professional bassist, who hides his talent in 3 AM living room jam sessions.

Janelle, too, prefers creating her art in the privacy of her home. But one day, she got a little bit of an itch. She got her first song idea from a commercial and a month later, she had an album of songs showing different sides of her personality and telling the sagas of love, loss, pain, and triumph.

Although she still prefers scripts and prose to the songwriting, Janelle enjoyed a season of performing her songs on stages in Dallas, Tx. Handle This is a mix of R&B, Hip Hop and Pop with poetic lyrics. 

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Handle This: Bio
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