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Echoes of the Struggle

This time the young, black boy who was gunned down by police wasn’t a stranger; someone far away. He was almost family to Daniela Joseph.   

As the middle child of what her friends call the “Joseph Empire,” Dani enjoys the perks of being well-known and affluent. She soon realizes that the horrors of the 1960s civil rights era might not lie as far back in the past as she thought. 

As the comfortable and secure world Daniela knew crumbles around her, she embarks on a civil rights pilgrimage and discovers there’s so much more to the stories she was told as a child. And if the stories everyone tells of Dr. King and Rosa Parks aren’t complete, she wonders what else she doesn't know.  

Now she has to answer a few questions: Who is she? What is she fighting for? How will she fight?

Echoes of the Struggle: Bio
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