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Emotional Maze

A Personal Journey Through Depression

Depression is one of those things that can sneak up and take you completely unawares. It can strike at any time, whether you are feeling happy or sad, up or down and whether your life is working well or not.

It is something which has become more prevalent in the modern age, as we come to understand it better and are able to recognize the symptoms and treat them more effectively.

In her short book, Emotional Maze: A Personal Journey Through Depression, Janelle Gray explains her own battle with recurring depression and where it took her, from a steady life in the U.S. to living in Bogota´ and not knowing a single soul.

Throughout, she talks about emotional fast, emotional paralysis, emotional budget, and emotional freedom, to give context to how she freed herself from the endless cycle and found a new way to live. A way that you could embrace too, in a search for your own answers.

Emotional Maze: Bio
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