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Echoes of the Struggle Tour Guide

Echoes of the Struggle Tour Guide is a companion piece to the fiction novel Echoes of the Struggle. Its aim is to introduce tools for classroom discussions or town hall and community conversations about race in America and the American civil rights movement.

The guide offers thought-provoking questions regarding the text encouraging readers to empathize with the characters and search for examples in real-life situations. It also poses questions and introduces situations that challenge the reader to demonstrate their understanding of the historical events discussed in Echoes of the Struggle and the impact of these events then and now.

After each section, the guide provides a notes section along with additional reading and documentaries used during the research for the novel. The reader of Echoes of the Struggle Tour Guide can expect to answer questions and do activities that will allow them to practice empathetic listening and introspective searching in order to reveal multiple sides of tough topics with the hopes of better understanding racial disparities and discord in their community.

Echoes of the Struggle Tour Guide: Bio
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