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AAGA Presents... powers the creative works by Janelle Gray. As productions mount, you can find information, photos, and behind the scenes info here.



February 9 – 26, 2023

"The Origin of Freedom," Ten-minute short play commissioned by Bishop Arts Theater Center.

In late August 1619, a ship arrived in the British colony of Virginia with a cargo of twenty to thirty enslaved people from Africa. Their arrival led to the barbaric and unprecedented system of American chattel slavery that would last for the next 250 years. This is sometimes referred to as the country’s original sin, but it is more than that: It is the source of so much that still defines the United States.

This one-act festival features 8 commissions by local and national playwrights that weave together stories that explore the legacy of slavery in present-day America.

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February 16-25, 2023

For the seniors at Lamont Private School, there’s nothing but blue skies ahead as they prepare to head to college — that is until a mass shooting at a nearby school hits a little too close to home. With only a semester left until graduation, six student journalists explore the tragedy only to find that their relationships with issues like parental pressure, racism, immigration, religion, and mental health may affect their ability to make positive change. Tired of being silenced, these six friends have to decide if it's worth the sacrifice to move from reporting the news to creating it, risking their reputation and future in order to finally speak out about issues that really matter to them.

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